Going into business for yourself, but not by yourself requires leadership, tenacity and the ability to execute standard operating procedures. That's why veterans excel at it.

Veterans account for 14% of franchisees nationwide, and over 500 companies offer discounts to prospective vet franchisees.


Veterans in Franchising


Franchise ownership means leading a team again, it means executing a blueprint for success, and it means a purpose and mission-driven career.


Franchisors find veterans outperforming and excelling at the leadership and tenacity required to run a small business, and they're looking for more of the same.

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30 Heroes for 30 Years: Joe Lindenmayer, California Closets

August 18, 2022

Joe Lindenmayer was first exposed to the Marine Corps when his oldest brother returned home from boot camp in his dress blues. Even at a very young age, Joe was inspired to be among the best. Service to his nation was in his blood; in addition to his brother being a…

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30 Heroes for 30 Years: Lou Schager, Mosquito Joe

August 16, 2022

Lou Schager grew up as one of 14 siblings. Wanting to break free from the crowd and follow a dream of flying, Lou earned an appointment to the Naval Academy and graduated in 1990. From there, he graduated Top Gun and flew fighter jets (F14s and FA18s) off of aircraft carriers.…

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National Hire a Veteran Day

July 25, 2022

Did you know that July 25th is National #HireAVeteranDay? Founded by Marine Corps Veteran Dan Caporale in 2017, the day is designed to serve as a reminder that companies seeking to fill vacancies will find outstanding talent in the Veteran community. Nearly 7% of the American population is a U.S. military…

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