Going into business for yourself, but not by yourself requires leadership, tenacity and the ability to execute standard operating procedures. That's why veterans excel at it.

Veterans account for 14% of franchisees nationwide, and over 500 companies offer discounts to prospective vet franchisees.


Veterans in Franchising


Franchise ownership means leading a team again, it means executing a blueprint for success, and it means a purpose and mission-driven career.


Franchisors find veterans outperforming and excelling at the leadership and tenacity required to run a small business, and they're looking for more of the same.

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30 Heroes for 30 Years: Mike Ronan, Melting Pot

November 10, 2022

Mike Ronan has held many jobs in his life. He sold life insurance, worked for FedEx, curated lawns, and even managed a Melting Pot restaurant after high school. But he is most proud of his service in the United States Marine Corps, and his success as the owner of four Melting…

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30 Heroes for 30 Years: Beth Powers, Signarama

October 25, 2022

Beth Powers attended Western Michigan University on a ROTC scholarship and then joined the Army in the Air Defense Artillery after graduation with a degree in Engineering. She held many different positions – Launcher Platoon Leader, Fire Control Platoon Leader, and even Executive Officer. She ended her service in 2002 as…

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30 Heroes for 30 Years: Gordon Logan, SportClips

October 4, 2022

Gordon Logan was working as an engineer while the Vietnam conflict was going on. Due to his career, he had an occupational deferment. But Gordon felt bad watching his friends go off to fight, so he applied to the Air Force as an engineer. He was told that what was really…

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