Going into business for yourself, but not by yourself requires leadership, tenacity and the ability to execute standard operating procedures. That's why veterans excel at it.

Veterans account for 14% of franchisees nationwide, and over 500 companies offer discounts to prospective vet franchisees.

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Veterans in Franchising


Franchise ownership means leading a team again, it means executing a blueprint for success, and it means a purpose and mission-driven career.


Franchisors find veterans outperforming and excelling at the leadership and tenacity required to run a small business, and they're looking for more of the same.

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The Military Spouse Opportunity

July 19, 2022

During the IFA 2022 Convention in San Diego, VetFran hosted a panel that included several Non-Profits.  There was considerable conversation regarding employment opportunities for military spouses regardless of the status of their veteran. The conversation included the assistance for these spouses to either find employment when active duty troops are relocated…

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30 Heroes for 30 Years: Jason Madden

February 14, 2022

For 30 years the International Franchise Association has made a profound and enduring impact on the lives of thousands of Veterans and their families through our VetFran program.  Veterans like Jason Madden, who was called to serve in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and enlisted in the Marine…

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30 Heroes for 30 Years: U.L. Armstrong, PuroClean

February 3, 2022

What does an Army Veteran do after 33 years of service?  He finds a way to continue serving his community and his fellow Americans.   Retiring at the rank of Colonel after 3+ decades of honorable service U.L. did exactly that.  He and his family not only served and sacrificed for our…

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