The Military Spouse Opportunity

During the IFA 2022 Convention in San Diego, VetFran hosted a panel that included several Non-Profits.  There was considerable conversation regarding employment opportunities for military spouses regardless of the status of their veteran. The conversation included the assistance for these spouses to either find employment when active duty troops are relocated or transferred, or aligning them with franchises that have national foot prints to allow these spouses to easily relocate and assume similar positions at their new bases. During the conversation the panelists also discussed creating easier ways for spouses to become a franchisee, in the event the service member or veteran is unable to become a franchisee. The attendees overwhelmingly cheered this initiative.

Below is item 5 from Mayweather Boxing + Fitness that amended its initial fees language to incorporate this benefit. I strongly encourage all VetFran Member franchisors to adopt this language in their next iteration of their FDD. Please join this initiative and lets do our best to offer employment and franchise opportunities to all that have served honorably.

Item 5

The initial franchise fee for a single Studio is $49,500. It is paid in a lump sum upon signing the Franchise Agreement and is uniform (other than in the case of a Veteran’s discount, described below) and nonrefundable.

We currently discount the initial franchise fee by 20% for United States Veterans who have been honorably discharged and/or their spouses. This discount is applied once in connection with a Veteran’s or Veteran’s spouse’s purchase of the initial Studio.

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