Kiddie Academy®

Children's Services

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Veteran Benefits

Kiddie Academy offers a reduced fee program for Veterans, which is a $25,000 Discount. Please see the FDD for details.

Business Description

With Kiddie Academy® average revenues of $1,632,080, $1,320,440, $1,709,196* and average gross profits of $384,090, $288,855, $454,668*, over the last three years, your financial goals could be within reach. Based in Abingdon, Maryland, Kiddie Academy® has been a leader in educational child care for almost 40 years. There are currently more than 295 Kiddie Academy® facilities in 32 states, with approximately 80 additional academies in various stages of development. *Based on academies which had been open at least 24 full months for the calendar years ending 2021, 2020 & 2019. The average gross profit shown is gross revenue minus labor, occupancy (rent) and other miscellaneous expenses. Additional details are included in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Startup Cost


Total Investment

$417,000 - $1,039,000 Visit Company Website