The Salt Suite

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Veteran Benefits

Offering 10% off of the initial franchise fee to qualified veterans.

Business Description

As the only franchise in this space, The Salt Suite® offers proprietary technology that improves the efficiency of salt therapy as well as a marketing plan honed by 10 years of industry experience. Our franchisors have over 40-years of experience in franchising, so it is an exciting time to join natural health, subscription-based franchise. We focus on a warm, yet professional environment comfortable for professionals, families, and seniors. Salt therapy offers a natural option to alleviate symptoms from respiratory and skin conditions. With the natural properties of salt, this therapy reduces inflammation, attacks bacteria and microorganisms, as well as boosts the immune system by making the body less inflamed and the respiratory tract more efficient in eliminating contaminants. It also improves endurance by making the respiratory system more efficient, thus improving endurance.

Startup Cost

$199,100 - $426,550 Visit Company Website