National Hire a Veteran Day

Did you know that July 25th is National #HireAVeteranDay? Founded by Marine Corps Veteran Dan Caporale in 2017, the day is designed to serve as a reminder that companies seeking to fill vacancies will find outstanding talent in the Veteran community.

Nearly 7% of the American population is a U.S. military Veteran. These veterans represent a broad range of skill sets – from diesel engine maintenance to accounting, and from nuclear technician to health care administration. What could your business do with a leader who has trained for four or more years learning a skill while working in a diverse community and who knows how to report for work on time and stay at the task until the job is done?

In addition to the obvious benefits of hiring someone who has spent years developing their leadership skills as well as technical expertise, both the federal government and various states offer tax incentives to hire a veteran in your community. So it could make financial sense from Day One to add a veteran to your team in any number of capacities.

VetFran is here to support Veterans, and hiring a Veteran is a very real way to show your support as well!

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