30 Heroes for 30 Years: Ralph Yarusso, Mayweather Boxing

Ralph Yarusso

Ralph Yarusso is an Air Force veteran, as well as a 30-year veteran of franchising. Originally desiring a career in aviation technology, the United States Air Force decided that Ralph would best fit in as an aircrew loadmaster. Upon completion of his contract, he left the service as a Technical Sergeant.

Ralph recently reflected on his time as a loadmaster and the responsibilities he had and leadership skills he developed. “I have been incredibly successful throughout my career and I really attribute much of that success towards the foundation I was able to build on in the United States military. Discipline, following procedures, respect, and understanding the echelon of command have been critical throughout my entire career.” He also had to learn how to interact with various cultures around the world.

Over his franchising career, Ralph has worked for brands such as Meineke, Grease Monkey, FullSpeed Automotive, BrandONE, and Mayweather Boxing. In addition to his successful franchising career, Ralph currently serves as the Chair of the VetFran committee and is laying out a vision for how the VetFran program can continue to expand its service to Veterans and their families.

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  1. Sam Marin on June 2, 2022 at 9:12 am

    Wow. I’m a Air Force service member station in Osan, korea. This man is living my dream.

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