30 Heroes for 30 Years: Ralph Ware, Real Property Management

Ralph Ware, a United States Military Academy graduate in 1999, is now the owner of a Real Property Management location in Ohio. Retiring on January 31st, 2021 from the Army as Colonel, he knew that his career was not over. Ralph used the transition resources available to him and looked into franchising.

Ralph learned how to lead in the Army, but not necessarily how to operate a for-profit organization. Ralph said, “I like the idea of franchising because it gave me the framework and tools, and allowed me to apply my life experience and leadership to it. Every new small business owner talks about having to work through adversity and problems. I would say that my military experience gave me a perspective and a context, so on several occasions when all indicators was that the business wouldn’t work, I was able to think back on the fact that I’ve been in worse situations before.”


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