30 Heroes for 30 Years: Jim Garrett, Venture X

You might say that military service is in the Garrett family blood. Ancestors served in the American War for Independence, the War of 1812, the Civil War, and in every major conflict since through Vietnam! At first, Jim thought he might be different and became a stock broker after graduating Trinity University. But within a year Jim realized he might benefit from some management experience and decided to pursue a military career in 1980. He went into the aviation program and learned to fly the S3 Viking with the U.S. Navy. Taking off of aircraft carriers, he flew in support of Desert Shield and Desert Storm from the USS Saratoga. He eventually left the Navy as a Lt Commander in 1997.

Jim’s next adventure led him to Price Waterhouse Consulting where he focused on IT support for the US Government. While the work was enjoyable, Jim found himself getting interested in the marketing and advertising world. He also still felt the need for speed from his pilot days and pursued a hobby in auto racing with Dodge Vipers.

Lately though, Jim has felt the calling to own his own business. He wanted that challenge to help him focus, and admits that he finds pressure relaxing. That is when he discovered Venture X and the possibilities for expansion in Texas. While he is starting with one location, he does plan to grow and build a network of locations across the Lone Star State.

Like many Veteran business owners, Jim wants to continue to give back. He is partnering with some local under-served schools to develop a mentorship program to teach leadership and success. Starting witht he local school he attended as a child, Jim wants to help students find access to trade schools and will be supporting a scholarship program.

With the skills learned in the military such as team work and staying cool under pressure, Jim is on his way to capturing his own slice of the American dream!


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